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Just like many other churches, Bradford Cathedral has over many centuries been the place where local families have come for the great moments in their lives; baptisms, weddings and funerals.  Over the centuries we have diligently created a records of these moments.  Sadly, we no-longer have the facilities to keep these precious records on site in the correct environmental conditions and many of them have now been moved to the West Yorkshire Archives who have both the facilities and expertise to maintain these records for prosperity.

Baptism, Marriage and Burial Registers at Bradford St. Peter / Bradford Cathedral

The following records can be accessed by contacting the West Yorkshire Archives, collection reference BDP14

  • The parish records for Baptisms (1599 – 1951), Marriages (1599 – 1983), Burials (1773 – 1952) and Banns
  • The 20th Century Confirmation register.
  • The Sexton Record of Index of Burial.


Tel: 0113 535 0152

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Bradford
Margaret McMillan Tower
Prince’s Way

Accessing the online archive

The catalogue can also be searched on the online catalogue by searching for ‘BDP14’ in the advance search options.

To view the full ‘structure’ of the collection online click on any entry, and once the new page has opened, clicking on the ‘Level’ (e.g. item, section).


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