The first day of National Tree Week 2019 saw 750 trees planted at the Denso Marston Nature Reserve as part of a day dedicated to planting trees to help boost the greenery of Bradford as well as providing some much needed flood support.

Some of the trees which were planted have been provided by Government grants, and include oak, ash, birth, walnut, hawthorn and Guelder-rose.

Mike de Villiers of the EcoGroup:
“Trees are the natural cover of this country, and we really need to reinstate them and overturn the damage that we, as humans, have done over the centuries. We cleared trees. We think of this country as a green and pleasant land of fields, but if you think about the Roman era, they had to battle through forests. We need to put forests back as we’re now experiencing more extreme weather conditions and trees hold back water.

“The Government is giving thousands of pounds towards flood alleviation in Airedale, and that’s mainly for planting trees. But it’s also about restoring biodiversity; the whole of the eco-system relies on the trees.”

The Revd Canon Mandy Coutts and the Very Revd Jerry Lepine, Dean of Bradford, at the site on Saturday.

Over 40 people joined in planting including ten young children. Representatives from Bradford Cathedral, Extinction Rebellion and Baildon CE Primary School, plus volunteers from the Bracken Hall Countryside Centre and Museum, grabbed a pair of gloves and a spade and helped plant the trees into the ground. There were even volunteers on the day who were passing or walking their dogs and jumped in to help out!

The event was a collaboration between Bradford Council, Bradford Cathedral and the Aire Rivers Trust, with support from the Denso Marston Nature Reserve, Huddersfield University and Trees for Cities. The planting site was prepared by YORgreencic, a woodland social enterprise who work with volunteers and local communities on a range of green space projects, with trees supplied by the Woodland Trust.

This latest day brings the total number of trees planted over the last three years to 1800, including on the same site plus another on Gaisby Lane.

Lots of tree planting going on!

The Very Revd Jerry Lepine, Dean of Bradford:
“We’re literally digging for victory! Climate emergency; planting trees – it’s good news for the environment and good news for humankind. And we’re excited to work in close partnership with Bradford Council on this, our second woodland.”

Councillor Caroline Firth:
“It’s a pleasure to be here representing Bradford Council. We’re going through a climate emergency and tree planting is something we’re working hard to do. We are happy again to be supporting the cathedral with these excellent projects around the environment.”

Nick, Aire Rivers Trust:
“Days like this are really important as we need to build sustainability for the climate and improve our habitat, as well as involving people in great projects like this.”

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