It’s time to say a welcome to Jenny Price, our new churchwarden, elected at the Vestry meeting on 11th October, together with Monica Slocombe – now in her third year.

Jenny and husband Ian have been attending the Cathedral for five years. She has been on the Community Committee and is a server. She is well known in Yorkshire as a Safeguarding Adviser for the Church of England. She previously worked in the Diocese of Leeds and now in the Diocese of York.

Jenny Price:
“It’s a very great honour and I know I’ve got big shoes to fill in following Alex McLelland, who has been such an essential part of cathedral life for so long. The good thing is that we both come from the other side of the Pennines so I’m hoping that will help me to follow in his footsteps!

“I just want to give to the cathedral all of the things that I’ve learnt in the various roles that I’ve had, to the benefit of the clergy and congregation at Bradford Cathedral.”

Churchwardens sit on the Chapter of the Cathedral but also the Community Committee.

As mentioned above, Alex McLelland stood down as churchwarden, a position he held for fifteen years – and member of chapter – at the Vestry Meeting on 11th October.

When paying tribute to Alex, Dean Jerry said:
“Over the decades that Alex has served this Cathedral he has been a strong, faithful presence throughout the years of plenty and the years of drought. He has continued to love and care for this place and the people of this Cathedral. I have to say that he is an easy person to work with, unafraid to speak his mind but always gracious and generous with his time. He has this place within him and when we discerned the core values in 2014, they could have been a reflection of Alex: Hospitality, faithfulness and wholeness.”

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