The new name for the Saturday Singers was revealed during the Bradford Cathedral Eucharist service on Mothering Sunday, where their first recording under their new name – ‘Our God Saves’ – was played.

The new name was revealed as ‘Grace Notes’. The group – formerly known as the ‘Saturday Singers’ – are a children’s community choir at Bradford Cathedral that rehearse every Wednesday.

We spoke to Alex Berry, Director of Music at Bradford Cathedral and Libby Harborne, leader of ‘Grace Notes’, to find out more about how the name came about, how the latest piece was recorded, and what the future holds for the choir.

Alex Berry:
“The name was chosen following a competition on social media, submitted by congregation member Isla Skinner, who will be receiving a big box of chocolates!”

Libby Harborne:
“I think the name is great because it’s a musical pun.”

Alex Berry:
“It’s a name that’s both fully musical and fully Christian simultaneously. It’s also catchy.

“Libby has also designed the most amazing logo as well for Grace Notes.”

“The logo is great as it’s eye-catching, and vibrant, and fun, just like those in ‘Grace Notes’!”

‘Our God Saves’, by the Grace Notes, was played during the Mothering Sunday service, and we asked Libby how this was picked.

“I always look at different ideas online, to see what’s about, and what works, and I picked it because I like it’s catchiness and captures the essence of ‘Grace Notes’: we’re a group of people who just love to sing!

“That’s the primary focus. It doesn’t necessarily have to be perfect; it’s about enjoying it and expressing yourself through what you love doing.”

The next piece by ‘Grace Notes’ will be premiering during the Palm Sunday service on 28th March 2021, but what else does the future hold for the group?

“On Palm Sunday we’ll have an action video of the children doing ‘Hosanna’, which is a very appropriate piece for the day. They have been learning it for about a month and a half – and they really enjoy singing it – so that’ll be a similar video to ‘My Lighthouse’, with everyone doing individual videos that we’ll put together.”

“It will be lovely in the future to regain the community aspect of ‘Grace Notes’. There’s always been a lovely community around it, with the parents and families and, once they’re allowed in the building again – we hope from the week beginning the 19th April – that we’ll be able to re-capture some of that, and the atmosphere of it, and take our young people to new heights musically!”

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