This week’s flower arrangement of Fairtrade roses is given by Elaine and Mike de Villiers in celebration of the beauty of God’s creation.

The Fairtrade roses in this arrangement are a token of Bradford Cathedral’s commitment to supporting farmers and producers in low-income countries. Grown in the warm sunshine of Kenya, these flowers have a smaller carbon footprint than those grown in Europe, even though they have been flown here.

Workers on the flower farms enjoy higher wages, and improved gender equality opportunities. They use innovation to control pests, purify water, and establish nature conservation areas.

“Fairtrade flowers are a driver of genuine, sustained positive change”. (Fairtrade Foundation)

This also reminds us to pray for the preparations and work of COP26 – the global United Nations summit (1st – 12th November, Glasgow) about climate change and how countries are planning to tackle it.

Why link Fairtrade and COP26?

Farmers and producers in low-income countries already suffer the impact of climate change even though they contribute least towards it. Fairtrade certification is a driver of genuine, sustained positive change.

You may also notice, next to the Stott Hill entrance, a large banner declares FAIRTRADE IS CLIMATE ACTION. Climate change talks at COP26 are headline news because the outcome will affect each of us, and all life on earth.
Wondering what I can do as an individual?

One way each of us can make a difference is to buy Fairtrade. Fairtrade is climate action!

Fairtrade farmers are already suffering from climate change even though they contribute least towards it. But a fair income helps them to adapt to climate change.

That’s why we are a Fairtrade Cathedral – the tea and coffee you are served here is one way we show our love to our neighbour.

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