We are marking ‘No Mow May’ by letting three areas of the Cathedral grounds grow during the month, including the area outside the de Lacy Centre and the sections either side of the pedestrian gate at Stott Hill, to help free the wildflowers so they can grow wild and provide a feast for pollinators, tackle pollution, and lock away atmospheric carbon below ground.

The Revd Ned Lunn, Canon for Intercultural Mission and the Arts, says:
“These three key areas are being left to grow as part of ‘No Mow May’. We are committed to stewarding this environment, to ensure biodiversity and to protect wildlife for future generations.”

No Mow May logo
No Mow May logo

What is ‘No Mow May’?

No Mow May is Plantlife’s annual campaign calling all garden owners and green space managers not to mow during May – liberating your lawns and providing a space for nature. You can find out more – and join the movement – on the Plantlife website.

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