Bradford Cathedral’s community choir ‘Grace Notes’ marked St. Cecilia’s Day on Wednesday 22nd November 2023 by leading a short service in the nave.

Welcomed by the Revd Pete Gunstone, Minor Canon for Worship and Nurture, the service opened with Grace Notes singing ‘Gloria in Excelsis’, the music based on a traditional Peruvian piece, before members of the young choir read out some of the Psalms, and an account of St. Cecilia’s life.

This was followed by an anthem, set to music composed by Bradford Cathedral’s Music Administrator Daisy Widdicombe, with Director of Music Graham Thorpe accompanying the choir on piano.

After some further prayers and ahead of the final reading of ‘The Grace’, Grace Notes sang ‘Alleluia’, the words and melody of African origin.

As the service neared its conclusion, Revd Pete said:
“Can I just say a huge thank you to the Grace Notes for leading us in this short time of prayer this evening. It was wonderful, and what I loved is that we were taken on an amazing journey around the world. We were not just in Rome thinking about St. Cecilia, we were also in Bradford with music that Daisy has composed in the last month, and in South Africa and South America. So thank you for taking us on a tour showcasing the amazing creativity of music from around the world. It really has enriched our worship.”

You can watch some edited highlights in the video below.

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