A ‘World Day of Prayer Service’ (2pm) and a ‘Prayer Vigil for International Peace’ (6pm) will be held at Bradford Cathedral on Friday 1st March 2024.

Bradford Cathedral will be holding a service and a prayer vigil on Friday 1st March, the World Day of Prayer 2024.

All are invited to gather for the service at 2pm, which will include music, readings and prayers on the theme of ‘I beg you, bear with one another in love’, prepared by the World Day of Prayer Organisation, a women-led, global and ecumenical movement, in conjunction with Christians in Palestine.

At 6pm, there will be a ‘Prayer Vigil for International Peace’. The service will be led by the Dean of Bradford, the Very Revd Andy Bowerman, and will involve contributions from different communities from across Bradford.

The Revd Pete Gunstone, Minor Canon for Worship and Nurture, says:
“At a time of international tensions and conflict in different parts of the world, we invite you to gather in Bradford Cathedral on the World Day of Prayer, to pray for international peace.”

The Revd Cathy Milford, co-lead on the day’s activities, says:
“The World Day of Prayer, a women-led, global, ecumenical movement, has its origins nearly a century ago in The Women’s’ World Day of Prayer for the World. A hundred and forty-six countries have joined this movement and take it in turns to prepare the annual service. In this way participants learn a little about the hopes and fears of the Christian women in the leading country.

“On this World Day of Prayer, the Christian Women of Palestine are calling us to connect with the land from where Jesus came; where he was born, ministered and died – and from where our faith began and is rooted.”

“Despite living in an area of the world where there is ongoing conflict and the future is uncertain, the women of Palestine are sharing with love a reminder that they are there, and they want to give hope to everyone. The theme of the service 2024 ‘bear with one another in love’ seems very appropriate for these women who will not give up witnessing the love of Jesus Christ.”

You are invited to come to Bradford Cathedral on Friday 1st March 2024, at 2pm for the World Day of Prayer service, and at 6pm for the Prayer Vigil For International Peace. Free seats can be booked on ChurchSuite or you can turn up on the day.

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