‘The Comedy of Errors’ will be performed on the evenings of Wednesday 17th and Friday 19th July 2024, with a matinee performance on Saturday 20th July.

Actors Community Theatre return to Bradford Cathedral for their annual Shakespeare production, which takes place in the grounds of the building.

This year they are performing the Bard’s ‘The Comedy of Errors’ across three days, at 7pm on Wednesday 17th and Friday 19th July, and Saturday 20th July at 2:45pm.

The play sees Antipholus and his servant, Dromio, arrive in Ephesus searching for Antipholus’s long lost twin. Alarmingly, the town appears possessed by supernatural forces. Why does everyone already know Antipholus? How can Dromio be married to a kitchen maid he has never met? A day of mistaken identity and escalating confusion resolves happily with some surprising loose ends neatly tied together.

Elizabeth Lancaster, this year’s director, says of the production:
“The running joke in The Comedy of Errors is mistaken identity and with two sets of identical twins there are plenty of opportunities for confusing conversations. The play also offers comic stereotypes, abundant wordplay and what we now call ‘adult humour’.

“We’ve edited the jokes that would no longer make sense to a twenty-first century audience and hope that what remains raises a smile or even a laugh out loud moment.

“All our income is generated from audience receipts, so we do hope you can join us at one of our three performances at the Cathedral.”

Tickets for the play can be bought online now via the Bradford Cathedral Eventbrite page, and short videos with the cast can be watched in the run up to the production across the social media channels of ACT and the Cathedral.

The production’s approximate running time is 2 hours and it will take place inside in bad weather.


Tickets for ‘The Comedy of Errors’, performed by Actors Community Theatre (ACT), can be bought online at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/cc/act-shakespeare-the-comedy-of-errors-3206759

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