The purpose of a Cathedral welcomer is to provide a warm welcome to all visitors, in accordance with the ethos of the Cathedral.


  • Welcomers provide one of the primary faces of the Cathedral for all visitors throughout the week.
  • An important aspect of this is to help visitors appreciate the Cathedrals’ beauty and peace, and some of its’ history.
  • Equally important is to have a knowledge of the Christian life of the Cathedral, and its’ purpose in the modern age, and connection with the City and surrounding areas.
  • Assist with any queries visitors may have
  • Liaise with members of staff or clergy as appropriate to ensure calm and smooth running of the Cathedral.
  • Comply with all procedures in the Cathedral relating to health and safety; security; safeguarding and any other policies which may be in operation from time to time.

Skills and Qualities Needed


  • Approachable, willing to talk to new people and help them feel comfortable in the building whatever their needs.
  • Perception of needs, knowing when to approach, help and talk and when to leave visitors  to have some quiet time in the cathedral.
  • Friendly, outgoing, patient and comfortable speaking to individuals, and sometimes to groups of people, who may want some guidance as part of a tour of the building.
  • Responsive to quickly changing situations and the changing needs of visitors; and know who to inform when difficulties arise.


  • Interested in the history, architecture, and art of the cathedral
  • Knowledge of surrounding areas is helpful as visitors sometimes ask for information or directions about other places to visit
  • It is not necessary to be member of the cathedral congregation, or even a regular church goer but we do expect welcomers to be in sympathy with the mission of the Cathedral and to present the faith and worship of the Cathedral in a positive light. 

Support and Training

  • Induction and training will be given to all new welcomers within the first three months.
  • Initially opportunities to observe other more experienced welcomers will be provided.
  • An induction pack together with the Volunteers Policy will be given to all volunteers and your supervisor will go through this with you.
  • Volunteer Agreement form and Confidential Declaration form to be signed by all volunteers
  • All volunteers must undertake Basic Safeguarding awareness and Safeguarding foundations online training within the first six months. Local health and safety training will be provided and updated on an annual basis. Training sessions take place every six months and all welcomers are encouraged to attend at least annually.
  • Welcomers are encouraged to make full use of the Guidebook for Welcomers’ held in the Guide box in the shop.  A signing in sheet should be completed at each session. Monthly information is also provided in the welcomers’ guide box.

Time Commitment

Welcoming is provided throughout the week and sessions from Monday to Saturday are from 10am to 4pm. This is split into two sessions per day. At least one session per month is required. This may vary on specific days when special events take place, or there is a wedding or funeral. You will be notified in advance if this is the case.

Remember to show hospitality. There are some who, by so doing
have entertained angels without knowing it.’

Hebrews 13:2

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