Area B: North AisleH.S.E.
Qvod mortale fuit
ABRAHAMI SHARP stirpe antiqua prognati
Et Archiepiscopo eius nominis eboracensi
Sanguinis vinculo coniuncti
Qui inter peritissimos
Sui temporis.
Mathematicos merito nueratus
Cum viris eadem laude celeberrimis
FLAMSTEEDIO praesertim et. Illustriss NEWTONO
Perpetuam coluit amicitiam
Quorum prioris historiam caelestem
In tabulis accuratissime delineavit
Varia item scripta et instrumenta a se confecta
Suppresso tamen nomine in lucem emisit
Cum vitam autem hisce studiis
Placidam et utilem coelebs peregerat
In deum pietate in pauperes benignitate
In omnes benevolentia insignis
Anno demum aetatis nonagesimo primo
Rerum humianarum satur in caelum demigravit
Xv kalend. Augvst. Mdccxlii
FRANCESCA SAWREY proneptis test amentique curatrix
Hoc monumentum honoris causa sumptu suo posuit


Here is buried what was mortal of ABRAHAM SHARP. He was born of an ancient family and linked by blood ties to the Archbishop of York of that name. He was
rightly counted among the most accomplished mathematicians of his day. He enjoyed constant friendship with the very famous men of the same repute, notably
FLAMSTEED, and the illustrious NEWTON. He drew up the description of the heavens made by the former of these (FLAMSTEED) in (astronomical) tables of the
greatest accuracy; he also published anonymously various writings and descriptions of instruments perfected by himself. But when he had spent a quiet and useful
unmarried life in these studies, remarkable for his reverence towards God, his kindness to the poor and his goodwill towards everybody, at last, in the ninety-first
year of his life, replete with earthly knowledge, he passed to Heaven. July 18th 1742.
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