Area C: North Transept – Left [North Wall]To the Glory of God
And in memory of
Born 1826; died 1906
This window is dedicated by his
Widow and children

Let us now praise famous
men. The Lord hath wrought
great glory by them, through
his great power
from the beginning.

Such as did bear rule
in their kingdoms, men
renowned for their power
giving counsel by their
understanding, and
declaring prophecies:

Leaders of the people
by their counsels, and by
their knowledge of learn
ing meet for the people,
wise and eloquent in
their instructions.

All these were honoured
in their generation, & were
the glory of their times.
Their seed shall remain
for ever, and their glory
shall not be blotted out.

For details of the windows see http://www.bradfordcathedral.org/thebuilding/the-windows/
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