Area Q: South AisleTo the memory of John Stanhope of Eccleshill Esqr: who died Novr 27th: 1710, And of Elisabeth his wife: she died June 13th: 1717.

And of their sons, Richard Stanhope Esqr: who died May 13th: 1736, aged 58 years, and John Stanhope M.D., who died July 21st: 1751, aged 76 Years; also of SARAH, wife to the said Richard she died March 3rd: 1762, aged 74 years,

And of Walter Stanhope Esqr: (son of the said Richard and Sarah) who died July 27th: 1772, aged 57 years; Also of Susannah Stanhope, wife of the said Walter, and Grandaughter to the first mentioned John; she died Novr 6th: 1787, aged 78 years,

The remains of the above, are all deposited, without this Wall opposite hereto.
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