Area T: Shop & Over toiletsSacred to the memory of ANN
the Beloved Wife of Mr THOMAS FEARNLEY
and Niece to Mr JAMES FLETCHER
of Bradford
who as a tribute of respect to her memory
has caused this Monument to be erected
She died April 28th 1806 aged 35 years
Also the above named JAMES FLETCHER,
who died March 13th, 1810, aged 63 years.
Also of ANN, Relict of the above
who died July 10th 1818, Aged 74 years.
Also in Memory of the above named
THOMAS FEARNLY, who died October
5th 1832, in the 61st Year of his Age.
Also of SARAH FEARNLEY, Relict of the above
who died on the 23rd of March 1860, in the
82nd year of her age.
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