Area V: Tower & West end of NaveIn memory of
MARY the wife of JOHN HODGSON of Bierley, Gent.
She died 19th December 1776 aged 43 years.
Also of MARY daughter of the said JOHN HODGSON
She died the 9th of April 1780 aged 16 years.
And WILLIAM HODGSON of Whetley Gent, who departed this life
the 6th November 1782 aged 49 years and of three of his
children (viz) one son and two daughters who all died young.
Likewise THOMAS HODGSON of Allerton Gent,
who died the 6th of October 1788 aged 36 years.
Also ELIZABETH daughter of the above named JOHN HODGSON
and wife of RICHARD HODGSON, the Younger of Whetley Gent.
She departed this life the 21st of June 1790 in the 30th
year of her age.
And the above said JOHN HODGSON who died
the 21st of November 1790 aged 66.

[The following is difficult to see as lettering is no longer darkened]

RICHARD HODGSON, Sen. of Whetley who died 18th February 1795 aged 74 years. Also of MARY wife of the above WILLIAM HODGSON died the 19th of August 1805
aged 70 years
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