Area V: Tower & West end of NavePro rege, pro patria
Ad gloriam Dei
Their glory shall not be
blotted out & their name
liveth to all generations

E. Asling
G.H. Averdeick
G.G. Averdeick
J.A. Ballard
G.A. Beaumont
H.P. Bedell
H. Biddles
W. Biddles
E.H. Bower
W.E. Broadbent
R.H. Browne
T. Bryant
H. Clarkson
W. Dinsdale
R. Dinsdale
H. Dobson
G. Farrar
T. Farrar
B. Foster
F. Foster
H. Foster
P. Foster
W. Hargreaves
E.M. Harrison
B.H. Hodgson
U. Hodgson
H. Holt
J.L. Holt
A. Horsfall
J. Illingworth
N. Ingham
H. Keeler
H. Kendall
W. Kershaw
F.C. Kinge
H. Kitson
W. Leadbeater
S. Lister
C. Margetts
J.L. Metcalfe
F. Morgan
C. Morrell
N. Muller
C. Neal
S. Newbould
A. Newby
W. Osbaldeston
C. Palmer
T. Pickles
A. Priestley
H. Priestley
J. Ratcliffe
H. Rodwell
H. Roe
H. Shinkins
E.F. Smith
W. Spenceley
L. Spenceley
W. Taylor
W. Tidswell
L.W. Vickers
G.A. Walker
A. Waddington
H. Wilkinson
G. Witham
A.C. Wormald
A. Wright
L. Wright

The Great War 1914 – 1919
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