Responsible to: Communications, Marketing and Events Officer

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

Bradford Cathedral holds many events and bookings: some are organised internally; some are in partnership with other event companies; and some are on behalf of external bookers.

To help run these events effectively, there is a role available to help support the set-up, running and set-down. Volunteers in this role will work with the ‘Communications, Marketing and Events Officer’, alongside other members of the team including vergers and the church wardens.

This volunteer role will include some or all of the below positions depending on the volunteer’s interests, abilities and availability:

  • Stewarding: this role includes welcoming people to the Cathedral; checking tickets as part of a box office; showing people to their seats; exit-flyering; and other general problem solving
  • Fire marshalls: this role includes monitoring an event and being positioned near to an assigned fire exit, and helping clear the building of people in the event of a fire or emergency
  • Bar staff: to take drinks orders and serve refreshments, as well as keeping the bar stocked
  • Sales: to take card and card payments for refreshments, tickets and/or programmes and other merchandise
  • Layout: to lay out chairs and other items according to the floor plan; assisting the verger on duty with assembling or dismantling the stage; to return chairs after the event. This may involve lifting and requires an appropriate level of physical fitness.
  • Cleaning: to help collect rubbish and other items during and after an event, and supporting with general sweeping and mopping
  • Photography / social media: to support the event by taking photos or other marketing material

As part of this role, you are invited to stay for the event and watch, when it doesn’t conflict with other duties, alongside free non-alcoholic refreshments during your shift.

Volunteers are encouraged to try as many of these different roles as possible / as suitable, to allow for maximum flexibility in the role.

Safeguarding principles

Bradford Cathedral takes safeguarding very seriously and expects that everyone, including volunteers, will work within the Cathedral’s safeguarding policy. In particular, the Cathedral expects anyone who becomes aware of a safeguarding risk or of actual abuse, to immediately report it. All volunteers must have a commitment to:

  • Treat individuals with respect;
  • Recognise and respect their abilities and potential for development;
  • Promote their rights to make their own decisions and choices, unless it is unsafe;
  • Ensure their welfare and safety;
  • The promotion of social justice, social responsibility and respect for others; and
  • Confidentiality, never passing on personal information, except to the person to whom you are responsible, unless there are safeguarding issues of concern (e.g. allegations of abuse). Safeguarding issues of concern must always be reported to the Communications, Marketing and Events Officer so that Cathedral’s Safeguarding Officer can be notified and the Police or Social Care services as required.

Person specification

  • To be aware that you are representing Bradford Cathedral in this role
  • To be able to work quickly and diligently, but also with a strong eye for health and safety
  • To offer excellent customer service
  • To be confident in handling cash and operating a card machine
  • To be confident in spoken communication
  • To be comfortable working in a busy environment that may include loud noise and the provision of alcohol
  • To be able to troubleshoot and work with initiative to solve problems that arise
  • To be physically fit and willing to volunteer outside of office hours

As a volunteer you can expect that we will do our best to ensure that:

  • There will always be members of staff available to offer support and guidance, and answer any queries you may have
  • We provide a supportive, inclusive and positive environment that ensures you enjoy your volunteering and that you are treated with respect and courtesy
  • We will provide initial and ongoing training (including on how to operate the card machine, and guidance on health and safety and best practice)
  • We will be contactable if any queries or issues arise during this work
  • We actively encourage feedback during and after an event to help improve the management of future events, and your thoughts / suggestions / ideas are more than welcome

As a volunteer working regularly with, or coming into contact with, people who are/may be vulnerable, this role requires references to be taken up and is eligible for a criminal record check.

Bradford Cathedral is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults. All post holders and volunteers are expected to share this commitment.

To find out more about this role e-mail or to apply click here.

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