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Tuesday 22nd August, 2023

Monday 14th August, 2023

The organ builders are back in the Cathedral. They will be returning next week to complete more work on the organ. Keep checking this page for more future updates!

Thursday 13th July, 2023

Wednesday 12th July, 2023

Keep your eyes peeled as there will an upcoming video of the organs bellows.

Although these photographs show more of Bradford Cathedral’s metal pipes, the Cathedral also has many wooden organ pipes too.

Some of the organs pipes have been removed, since these photos were taken, more pipes have been taken out and packed up. The pipes come down on a pulley system in the wooden boxes that you see in the third photo.

Tuesday 11th July, 2023

Here starts the first of many posts in our summer organ renovations blog. On this running blog, you will be able to track the progress of the organ repairs. Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages, as we will be uploading exclusive, never seen before footage from inside the organ!

Make sure to check back here soon, as we will be frequently uploading new posts about the organ works.

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