We are delighted to be welcoming The Society of Royal Cumberland Youths (SRCY) to the Cathedral on Thursday 11th July, when they’ll be ringing our bells as part of a four-day event where they will undertake 18 peal attempts in total, at towers in, and spanning around, from York, including Selby Abbey, Doncaster, Tadcaster and many more. 

The society will be attempting a peal at Bradford Cathedral, starting at around 12:10pm on Thursday 11th July.

Ed Mack of the society says:
“These are regarded as a fine set of 12 bells; it should be well worth listening to the peal.”

The SRCY, established 1747, is a national bell-ringing society with a reputation for promoting excellence in bell-ringing and also as a friendly and sociable society. Its membership consists of ringers of all ages (14+) and its annual ‘country meeting’, this year centred in York, congregates many members from across the country and oversees.

Across the weekend (11th – 14th July 2024) the society will attempt several whole ‘peals’ across towers in Yorkshire.

A peal is the ‘gold standard’ change ringing performance during which the bells are rung continuously in over 5,000 different sequences, without visual aids, typically taking 3 hours.

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